About Us

Our Mission:

Our mission is to support the highest standards of care for children in licensed family child care homes through education, resources, recognition and advocacy; while acknowledging the diversity of licensed family child care providers and that licensed family child care is a respected profession.

Our Goals:

  • To aide in the advancement of quality child care in licensed Family Child Care Homes
  • To unite licensed Family Child Care Providers for greater recognition in Springfield and surrounding communities
  • To share information with other child care professionals
  • To keep members and the public informed of the goals and purposes of this Association
  • To promote quality training to enhance the professional skills of Family Child Care Providers
  • To have the IL Department of Children and Family Services officially recognize trainings provided by our Association
  • To assist in obtaining any Federal, State or private funds to be used for improvement of Family Child Care Providers
  • To review any Federal, State or local standards applying to Family Child Care homes and work for changes we feel necessary to assure quality child care.
  • To maintain a professional level of attitude and conduct as a Family Child Care Provider
  • To provide a collective voice and educate legislation on child care issues
  • To recruit and retain Family Child Care homes throughout Illinois and initiate continuous education trainings

Our Purposes:

  • To meet the needs of Family Child Care Providers in Springfield and surrounding communities so they may better meet the needs of children in their care
  • To define quality child care and work for changes we feel necessary on all levels and comply with the laws governing child care in Illinois
  • To provide an exchange of ideas regarding quality child care among all persons who are involved in Family Child Care
  • To enhance the image of Family Child Care Homes and clarify our purpose in the community
  • To provide a network of communication among Family Child Care Providers
  • To encourage growth of local associations throughout Illinois
  • To help local associations organize and utilize all available community resources
  • To encourage licensed Family Child Care Providers to meet and exceed state and federal standards

Membership Benefits:

  • Subscription to the HDCPA newsletters
  • Notification of educational conferences and trainings.¬† HDCPA will offer a minimum of 6 clock hours of training per year free of charge to members in good standing.¬† Non-Members may attend trainings for a fee of $10, unless costs are higher for a specific training
  • Eligibility to serve on any working committee
  • Eligibility¬† for nomination to the Board of Directors, with the exception on non-licensed providers
  • Voting priveleges
  • All licensed providers will be eligible to list their child care openings on the referral line and our association website
  • Networking & Share insights and ideas with peers
  • Learn more about child development
  • Learn skills to manage your business more effectively
  • Discounted (group) registration fees for select trainings
  • Fieldtrips and seasonal parties planned for the children in your care
  • Family Child Care record keeping and tax information
  • Reduced rates for all HDCPA sponsored conferences


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